Tuesday, 17 October 2017

rainbow warrior bombing

For this social studies event, we had to write about the French government spies.

When it happened: 1985 July the 10th

What happened: in the Auckland harbour where Christine Cabon bombed the rainbow warrior boat  

how it happened:She flatted with green peace she said she wasn’t a spy and she wasn’t who she said she was a spy new Zealanders new her as Frederique bonlieu she stuck 2 bombs to the side of the ship when they were leaving the Auckland harbour one on the generator and one on the main engine

When they went diving and planted the bombs when they were finished they hid all their equipment

They were going to put bacteria in the fuel but then they didn't.

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 springbok tour

In 1981 springboks played NZ. I think the game should not have been played because NZ broke the rules for playing the Springboks. People say that the Springboks are racist. They don’t like colored people or people from other cultures.  Police got involved. Many got injured. They wouldn’t have got injured if they had just canceled it. The protests had motorbike helmets because they knew the cops would hit them in the head. They through fliers flow bombs

P.s writing from another perspective